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Serving the Multiple Hearth Sludge Furnace Industry for Over 30 Years

Specializing in Multiple Hearth Sludge Furnace engineering services to improve operational and equipment performance. Project experience covers a 35 year history of helping municipal agencies improve operational modes and upgrade equipment configurations to reduce operational costs and meet new emission regulations.  Field engineering experience and major MHF emissions research work has earned Incinerator Rx national recognition for its practical expertise in sludge incineration and emission control technology by the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA), Water Environment Federation (WEF),  Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF), major design firms, and plant managers. 


General services include:

- Operational mode improvement and training programs to develop new standard operating modes and control procedures.

- Proven operational control techniques to reduce particulate, metals, NOx, CO and visible yellow plume emissions.

- Emission performance and Permit Stack Testing operational assistance and test management services.

- Equipment evaluations, needs assessments, emission compliance, and emission control upgrade studies for re-hab projects.


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